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Reflexology is the science or method of stimulating reflexes of the foot, hand or ear that correspond to each gland, organ and part of the body. Stimulation of these reflexes is thought to encourage the body to heal itself by enabling all the body's systems to work together efficiently and in harmony, eliminating toxins and relaxing the mind and body in an effort to bring about optimum health. This is known as homeostasis. In ancient times, walking barefoot over rocks and hard ground naturally stimulated these reflexes every day.


Reflexology is holistic as it treats each person as an individual and looks at their whole lifestyle before designing a course of treatments to suit their needs.


Reflexology is a safe, natural non-invasive therapy, treating the mind, body and spirit.

Reflexology may relieve physical, as well as mental and emotional conditions. It may have great results with:

 •  Stress and anxiety

 •  Sleep disorders

 •  Clients living with cancer

 •  Skin disorders

 •  Hormone imbalances

 •  Pregnancy

 •  Fertility issues

There are many theories about how Reflexology works, but the most commonly held belief is that Reflexology acts to relax those reflexes that in turn are connected to various parts of the body, improving lymphatic drainage, assisting in the elimination of toxins, and strengthening of the immune system. It is also thought to relax muscles, stimulate nerve connections, balance hormones, improve digestion and excretion and ultimately correct energy imbalance. It is thought reflexology enables the body's natural healing processes, at its own pace, often counteracting a life time of misuse, to promote wellness.


Reflexology may relieve stress and tension to promote relaxation. Many health problems may be linked to stress and tension. Our modern lifestyles not only cause a great deal of this stress, but also do nothing to relieve it. Reflexology is primarily a relaxation technique, and while extensive research has validated the effectiveness of Reflexology, clearly indicating that it can benefit the health of a patient in both acute and chronic ailments, it is not diagnostic nor a substitute for medical treatment, and should be considered as complementary to any type of medical treatment.

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What is Reflexology?

How does it work?

Who can benefit from Reflexology?

 •  Head pain

 •  Back pain

 •  Muscular and joint Pain

 •  Digestive disorders

 •  Breathing disorders

 •  Mental health issues

 •  Water retention

Reflexology may help prepare the body for surgery and speed up the healing process afterwards.


But remember reflexologists treat the person not their medical ailments


Anyone, at any age, may benefit from reflexology as we can all do with the relaxation and feeling of well-being that reflexology creates.

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